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There are two types of discussion pages - standard discussion pages are used to discuss the main content of the associated article, while user "talk" pages are used to communicate with other users or leave them messages. In this Help page we will discuss the former standard discussion pages, but you can also reference Talk Pages for information on user talk pages.

Almost every page has an associated discussion tab. If the link to a discussion tab is in red, no one has started a discussion, but you can be the first person to do so. To access a discussion page look for a link labelled Discussion. These links will be found at the top of the page (near Edit this page).

Discussion Formatting

At the end of all of your contributions on a discussion tab, you should include your "signature" by clicking on the signature button on the edit toolbar. This allows moderators and administrators to keep track of conflicts, bad behaviour, catalogue discussion issues, and simply allows readers to better understand the flow of conversation.

If you like you can also include your 'signature' by typing a number of tildes (~~~ = Username) (~~~~ = Username 20:55, 14 July 2009) (~~~~~ = 20:55, 14 July 2009).

On a discussion page, "this page" usually refers to the main page (i.e. the page the discussion page is associated with). If the discussion page itself is referred to, write "this discussion page".

When debating the name of the page or discussing merging it with another page, always mention the current page name. Otherwise after renaming (moving) a page, references to "this page name" become ambiguous.

The reference of a comment is determined by the number of colons (':') in front of it. If a reply is made to a statement, one adds a colon to the number of colons used in the statement being replied to. This style of conversation is easy to read.


How's the soup? --Bob]

It's great!! --Lisa
Not too bad.. --George
I made it myself! --Bob

I think the soup-discussion should be moved to Talk:Soup.. --Lisa

I tend to disagree. --George


Planipedia is committed to providing respected, and objective information to the Planipedia community. Planipedia moderators will be responsible for mitigating conflicts of opposing view points in discussion tabs, and if necessary will block users or IP addresses who continue to add malicious content or aggressively derail important discussions will be blocked from the use of Planipedia. That being said, discussion tabs can be used to meaningfully discuss controversial topics, in a way that adds to the educational value of the article. Be mindful of being objective, considering and sharing all points of view, and communicating with others with respect.