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The purpose of a community-based site like Planipedia is to provide usable, valuable information to financial planners and potentially consumers worldwide. Although we are happy for contributors to indicate that they were the "source" of information, they must understand that the information can be used by anyone without acknowledging the source. The content must be unrestricted by copyright. Planipedia is not-for-profit and an open and collaborative communnity.

The most important type of sponsor for this site will be significant knowledge and information contributors. At this stage financial contributions are not required although this may change in the future. If for any reason it did change no supporter of Planipedia has any financial obligation in any way. We may use the terms Sponsor and Supporter interchangably as some people feel the term Sponsor usually requires money which is not the case in Planipedia.

Although anyone is free to contribute content at any time, we are hoping to have significant contributions of content by associations, academics and specialist firms in the financial planning domain early on to increase the value of the resource on an accelerated basis.

Planipedia was launched officially at the FPA Conference in Anaheim, CA. on October 10, 2009. In followup to the launch, we are asking all Planipedia Supporters to post a copy of the Supporter Logo on their website, linking to Planipedia's main page at

Founding Supporters

Founding Supporters are those firms, individuals and organizations that have been instrumental in the launch of Planipedia through their significant contribution of content and commitment to inform members of the financial planning community about this new resource. They have been early supporters to help ensure Planipedia maintains a global perspective.

Supporter Logo CAPS.jpg CAPS Instituto de Planificacion Financiera (Argentina) membership organization for Argentina

Caribbean Financial Planning Association (Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados) is a membership association for the Caribbean region

Supporter Logo CIFPS.jpg Canadian Institute of Financial Planners(Canada) professional association for CFPs

Supporter Logo Canfin.jpg Canfin Financial Group (Canada) a financial planning dealership

Supporter Logo Captus Press.jpg Captus Press Educational Publisher

EFPA Spain Logo.JPG EFPA Spain Affiliate representative (Spain) for the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA).

Supporter Logo FFP.jpg Federation of Financial Planners (Netherlands) professional association

200 FinaMetrica (Australia) specialists on risk profiling concepts

Supporter Logo FPA.jpgFinancial Planning Association (USA) U.S. professional association for CFPs

Supporter Logo FPAS.jpg Financial Planning Association of Singapore (Singapore) professional association for CFPs

Supporter Logo FPSC.jpg Financial Planning Standards Council (Canada) CFP standards organization for Canada

Supporter Logo G.C.Logo.jpg Giorgio Canella (Italy) Independent fee only advisor

HAQFP.JPG HAQFP Hungarian Association of Qualified Financial Planners (Hungary) community of financial planning practitioners.

Supporter Logo IAFP.jpg Institute of Advanced Financial Planning (Canada) professional association for RFPs

ICFC Logo.JPG Institute of Certified Financial Consultants (Bulgaria) regulatory association for financial planners.

IFA Logo.jpg Institute of Financial Advisers (New Zealand) association for financial professionals

Supporter Logo IFP UK.jpg Institute of Financial Planning of United Kingdom (United Kingdom) professional association for CFPs

Supporter Logo IARFC.jpg International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (USA) professional association for RFC®s

John De Goey (Canada) Author

Knowledge Bureau Logo.jpg Knowledge Bureau (Canada) national education institute and publisher for MFA and DFA designations.

Supporter Logo Market Logics.jpg Market Logics (Canada) strategic planning, books for advisors

Omega Group (USA, UK, Malaysia, Canada, Italy, Argentina, India) Financial Planning Study Group

Supporter Logo Personal Advisor.jpg Personal Advisor (Russia) is a founding sponsor from Russia

Supporter Logo PFS.jpg Personal Finance Society (United Kingdom) a professional organisation in the UK

PlanPlus Nice Logo.jpg PlanPlus (Canada) Inc. is the technology host for Planipedia and a significant contributor of content

Supporter Logo Right Returns.jpg Right Returns Financial Planning (India)

Supporter Logo Syndaxi.jpg Syndaxi Chartered Financial Planners (United Kingdom)

WEALogo.jpg Wealth Enhancement Academy (Canada) is a significant content provider

Wessel Oosthuizen (South Africa) Academic