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PlanPlus Planit.jpg PlanPlus Planit User Guide Table of Contents

Home Page

The Home Page of the PlanPlus Planit can vary depending if you are on a corporate deployment but if very much all looks the same. Also it was also look different if you have a client selected or not. When you have a client selected it will show a summary of all the information you have entered about the client. If you do not have a client selected the screen will provide information about Planit.


Once you have logged in you’ll see the navigation panel down the left hand side of the screen. The navigation menu will not have much detail until you select a client or add a client. The top menu bar is where you can change your language view or access the training center, and Live Chat. The main home page will have various information about different training and special announcements about your deployment.

Main Home Page With No Client Selected

When you log into Planit you will see a lot of valuable information about the software. You will see any type of upgrade announcements to training information.

PlanPlus Planit Learning Circle - This area you can join or review existing FREE training sessions.

PlanPlus Planit Case Consultations - Take advantage of our case consults which will allow you to have a session with a Planit professional who will walk you through a client case you are dealing with.


Main Home Page With Client Selected

When you have a client selected in PlanPlus Planit you will see that it always shows you the name of the selected client. On the main section of the screen it will provide to you a summary of your clients information like total assets, savings and other information about your clients.


Top Menu Bar

Loginprocess2.jpg Length: 2min 08 sec

Language: – This will change the language of your PlanPlus Planit to either French or English or any other language you maybe subscribed to. In some versions you might even see Spanish or Chinese!

Home – Will always bring you back to the Home Page.

Notes- Opens up a text field where you can keep client-specific notes. This can be accessed from any screen. You can also choose the “Date” field so that your notes are dated and saved. This is not editable afterwards, so it becomes defensible information on the client file.

Live Chat- Facility to ask questions of our support staff almost 24/7.

Help – This link will open Planipedia where you can access information about every screen within Planit. This link will be case sensitive where you are in the software. For example if you are on Personal Information screen and press the help link it will open Planipedia to the page all on Personal Information screen.

Training – The training link provides you with all the access to our various training materials. When you access this screen you can choose from the many training options.

Logout – You use this to exit the system.

Side Navigation Menu Bar

Loginprocess2.jpg Length: 3min 57 sec

When you have a client selected, the navigation menu is composed of the following options: Selection, Client Data Entry, Calculators, Implementation, Documents & Reports and Administration.

Selection Under “Selection” you can perform various things like searching for existing clients and adding clients or corporations.

Client Data Entry Drop Down List Within the drop down list we have a series of different Work Flows you can choose from in order to go through the data entry screens for a particular client. Planit has utilized the Process Flows that tie directly to the service you want to provide for your client.

Calculators From the calculator drop down list you can choose from a series of calculators designed for specific calculations.

Implementation The Security Selection feature can help you select specific securities to fulfill the client’s asset allocation target. For many jurisdictions Morningstar or Lipper may provide mutual fund or stock data with daily price updates.

Homepagenavigation2.jpg Homepagenavigation3.jpg

Documents and Reports

Loginprocess2.jpg Length: 2min 16 sec

This is the location in the system where you’ll generate planning documents for your clients. These are primarily Microsoft Word document as well as some PDF documents. You also have the ability to store documents to the Safety deposit box.


Loginprocess2.jpg Length: 3min 33 sec

This is where you’ll be able to do a number of housekeeping functions. You can change your profile or password, or perform statistical logs. We will go over this in much more detail within the manual.