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PlanPlus is pleased to announce the release of versions 5.11 and 5.12. These combined releases introduce some exciting and powerful new features that we have introduced and we hope you will find them valuable. Below is an overview of the new features and enhancements, as well as an update on any bug fixes and corporate administrative improvements.



Modular Goal - Planning Alternatives Now Available When Clients have a Surplus

In previous versions of the Modular Goal Process Flow (or in it's previous life the Retirement Goal Calculator) we would only make the Planning Alternatives available to the user when the client had a shortfall. With a shortfall you could identify how much income the client could have, perhaps $54,936 instead of $60,000. Or perhaps the client wanted to retire at 55 . . then the planning alternative would tell you the earliest they could retire was age 59.

With this upgrade we now allow you to also solve for situations where the client has a surplus! For example if the client wants an income of $60,000 but they have a surplus, the system will identify how much retirement income can actually be funded . . such as perhaps $66,379. We also will identify how much earlier the client can retire. So if they originally wanted to retire at age 60, the surplus might mean they could retire at age 58 instead. Also rate of return can be modelled . .. perhaps the current assumption is 7% and the client would still achieve their goal if the return was only 4%.

This is a nice improvement for those clients who have a surplus and want to understand what the surplus really means in terms of other options available to them.

Note that when the client has a surplus, the number of options available to you in the Planning Alternatives screen are not quite as broad as what's available when there is a surplus.

Another aspect of this is that on the "Results" screen the graph that identifies % of goal achieved also can now handle surpluses. So your percent of goal achieved might be 92% when there is s shortfall or 111% if there is a surplus. So right on the results screen you'll see the higher goal of $58,976 that can be achieved without even have to go to the planning alternatives screen.

Here's an example of the results graph for both a shortfall and surplus. Notice that "Red" is used to denote s shortfall and "Blue" is used to denote a surplus.

Results Graph when there is a Shortfall


Results Graph when there is a Surplus


Modular Goal - NEW Notes Field

In previous versions we had a feature that allowed you to add some personal comments to your Modular Goal PDF Report. This feature was not included when we originally switched from the old Retirement Goal Calculator to the new Modular Goal Process Flow. Well we have brought this feature back with this update.

You now can go to the Results Screen > Assumptions Tab and see the "Notes" field. Any comments you add here will now once again appear in your client reports. This is a great place to clarify any assumptions you have made or any other discussion points you have had with the client that have been incorporated into your analysis.

Modular Goal - Report Generation Changes

In the past when you were generating a Modular Goal report, we had about a dozen options you could choose from. You could choose a "Client Summary Report" or you could choose a "Client Consolidated Report". Or you could also choose from a long list of individual report pages. This made the process of building a report with your preferences incorporated difficult.

To solve this problem we have modified the report generation process to more closely match the process you use when creating a IPS document or other WORD based planning reports. You now will be presented with a dialog window with a listing of the available elements and components that can be included in your report. You can turn on and off check boxes to identify exactly what you want to include. Then proceed.


This will streamline the document generation process and let you create reports that have exactly what you want in them.

Note that we have set defaults to help you get a report with the most commonly used pages. But feel free to modify your defaults as you see fit. then just click on "Save" to make those your defaults in the future.

Modular Goal - Changes to PDF Report to be More Sensitive Client and Spouse Ages

In the past the Modular Goal Report had an "Age" column that always referenced the client's age. Now this column has been made more explicit by showing both the client and the spouse's age. This eliminates confusion when looking at account projections for the client or spouse so you are sure you can tell which age is being referenced. See sample below.

You'll also find some additional enhancements in the Modular Goal Report primarily to help streamline the length of the report.



Combined Release

With V5.12, PlanPlus has consolidated all previous versions (V5.9 + V5.10 + V5.11) into one release. These earlier releases were all development independently from each each; and this release merges them all back together. All of the functionality delivered in the previous releases are now all available in this release.


Language Issues on screens – Ticket #2912

On the French Personal Information screen, the button on the left side was wrapped. This is now fixed in the current version.

Insured debt payable on either death – Ticket #2858

There was an issue where the debt payable on either death was not showing up in the Pensions and Other Revenues screen correctly. This is now corrected.

"Percent of Goal achieved" is NOT working correctly for other goal calculator – Ticket #3875

There was an issue when you had a huge shortage and after clicking on the button of Percent of Goal achieved, it was showing 100% achieved. This is now fixed.

Mortality popup graphic not displaying chart data properly and missing images – Ticket #3992

There was a grey area plotted above the grid of the graph and there was images missing....this is fixed.

Estate Liquidity Report - "Legacy - Give Money (Bequests)" - Ticket #4262

When a user entered an amount into the field "Or A Dollar Amount" in one or both partial distribution sections, these amounts need to be shown as "Legacy - Give Money (Bequests)" non-regarding the beneficiary of the legacy. The amounts in both fields needed to be added together. This is now completed.

LTCF - Client's or Spouse's Death - A "Transfer to Account" creates a shortfall in the year of the transfer – Ticket #4265

Transfer to account - Client's or Spouse's death scenarios - in the year of transfer, the program shows a shortfall. This is now corrected in current version.

Enhancement to Dataphile REP to be non-case sensitive – Ticket #4328

The REP codes have been changed in this new version.

Simplified Goal Process Flow - Navigation Issue – Ticket #4370

When navigating through the Simplified Goal Process Flow, an error was occurring. This is now fixed.

Personal Information Screen - Remove "Matrimonial Regime" on selected process flows. – Ticket #4403

“Matrimonial Regime” needed to be removed from the Personal Information screen for all process flows except Integrated Planning and Estate Planning. This has been completed.

Planning Assumptions Screen for Simplified RGC- Hide Discussion Retirement Box – Ticket #4405

Hide the “Discuss Retirement” check-box so that the user will not see it. This was completed.

Modular Goal Process - Planning Assumptions screen clean up – Ticket #4406

Modular Goal Process - Planning Assumptions screen clean up is now done.

Goals screen clean up – Ticket #4408

On the goals screen, increase the space between “Active Goal” and the droplist. The clean up has been completed.

Simplified Goal Process flow – Your Working Documents – Ticket #4412

Simplified Goal Process flow – Your Working Documents. "Your Working Documents" screen should not be shown on this Simplified process flow. This is now fixed in this new version.

Label Change: Change "Unplanned Savings" to "Reinvested Surplus Cash Flow" – Ticket #4448

We have terrible confusion with users not understanding our description "Unplanned Savings". It would be easier to understand and explain to clients if we changed this label to "Reinvested Surplus Cash Flow". This label change has been completed in this version.

Solve Multiple Variants of the surplus case – Ticket #4463

Enhance the planning alternatives to be able to solve multiple variants of the surplus cases. If there is a surplus, to calculate how much sooner the client could retire or how much more money for their lifestyle they will need.

First-to-die and Second-to-die Issues – Ticket #4471

First-to-die and Second-to-die insurance are paid more than once if the data is entered through the Detailed Insurance screen. This is now fixed.

Tax Updated 2014 - Canada – Ticket #4494

2014 Canadian Tax Updates are now completed.

Can not edit retirement age within new scenario – Ticket #4520

After creating a new scenario using the Multi Scenario feature, editing Retirement Age on causes issues. This is now corrected.

Assets and Liabilities screen - Detailed Asset - Saving function not working on open investments – Ticket #4567

In A&L screen, when adding a custom asset and hitting save the screen would not fall back to the asset screen. It just was not saving. This has been fixed in this new version.

Delete custom asset result an error – Ticket #4568

After trying to delete a custom asset you would get an error. This error is now fixed.

Various Label Errors found in Client Screen – Ticket #4575

There is a label error on page of Goals. The original label should be "Funded". It was showing some coding around the label. This is now fixed.

The blue arrow sign is working with incorrect order – Ticket #4576

The order of operation using the navigation arrows were incorrect. This is now corrected in this release.

Interactive Cash Flow Analysis should have No decimal precision/Round. – Ticket #4582

Within the Modular Goal Planning and within the Planning Alternatives within the Result screen, when you hover the mouse onto the graph, there is no standard decimal precision applied for this. Corrected in the new release.

Delay Until - the default should start with retirement age not the current age – Ticket #4583

Planning Alternatives, on retirement age, delay until, the scale is incorrect and not defaulting correctly. This is now fixed.

ROR - negative rate if surplus – Ticket #4584

Within the Modular Goal Planning and within the Planning Alternatives, when calculating the ROR on a surplus the Rate of Return was going down to a negative. This is now fixed.

Tax Audit Report Label Issues – Ticket #4626

Within the tax audit report there was some labels which was showing HTML codes. This is now fixed.

Some fields in cash flow page are double counting in the final report – Ticket #4631

Various fields in the detailed Cash Flow were duplicating in the document. This is now fixed.