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PlanPlus is pleased to announce the release of version 5.9 and 5.10. These combined releases introduce some exciting and powerful new features that we have introduced and we hope you will find them valuable. Below is an overview of the new features and enhancements, as well as an update on any bug fixes and corporate administrative improvements.


Modular Goal Workflow

The Modular Goal Process Flow is a NEW workflow which replaces the Retirement, Education and Other Goal Calculators. In prior versions you would access the Retirement Goal Calculator by going to the listing of calculators on the left hand navigation panel. Now you would will simply select the Modular Goal Process Flow from the "Client Data Entry" drop down menu just like you would do when you select a process flow to do an Investment Policy Statement or a Life Goals Analysis.


So the user experience is being made more consistent regardless if you are doing a basic Modular Goal process or a very sophisticated Integrated Financial Planning process flow.

The other benefit of this change is that by using the same process flow approach, it makes the information entered at one level totally available in a secondary process flow. So for example if you started to do a Life Goals Analysis and half way through you decided that you really could do the job just fine with a Modular Retirement Analysis, then you can merely go back to the Home page, change your process flow from "Life Planning" to "Modular Goal Process" and continue on. All of the data entry screens are the same and all of the date is shared between all flows. With the old calculator approach, there were some incompatibilities between the calculator screens and the normal data entry screens for the various process flows that meant that not all data was totally shared.

While this change might take a couple of cases to get used to, we think you'll really like the change! Also, you'll find the differences in the screens in this new process flow are about 90% consistent with the old calculator screens so the transition to this new approach should not be too difficult.

However, to ensure you make this transition easily, we have created a help page within Planipedia and there is also a a short training video that shows you how this new process flow works. Take a few minutes now to review this help page and presentation by clicking here!

Graphic Improvements in Modular Goal Reports and Screens

In addition to the introduction of a "Workflow" for modular planning, we also have made some exciting improvements in the graphics used both on screen and in the reports generated for Modular planning. These improvements are both in the quality of the graphs and we have also introduced some additional interactivity. The example below shows how you can "hover over" the graph to get further details on the values graphed. You can also zoom in and out to focus on any section of the graph.



New Estate Liquidity Report

For users who have subscribed at the Professional Level 3, you have access to some more sophisticated Estate Planning components. One example was the Estate Distribution Analysis which shows how a client's estate will be distributed based on ownership, beneficiary desigination etc. These reports show the estate of the clients based on Client dies first, spouse dies secone and also based on Spouse dies first and Client dies second.

With this release we are also introducing two new Estate reports. First is the Estate Liquidity report. A sample of this can be seen below.


New Estate Net Worth Report

The second is the Estate Net Worth report.


These reports are driven by two new drop down lists which identifies if the asset in the account are liquid on death and available for emergency. These new drop downs appear on the Detailed Account screen.


To access these two new reports you would go to the Will Information Screen (Only available in the Integrated Planning Workflow at subscription level 3) and look for these report buttons at the bottom of the screen.



User Administration Screen - Search Improvements

We have created a streamlined interface when searching for users. Before you would have to pick a radio button on the search criteria but now you can type any type of search criteria either ID or surname and it will do the search across all criteria. This will make searching for users much faster. You also can search by email now.


Some other new features to this screen are as follows:

  • Screen searches for the first 200 rows of search, this is a site configurable parameter for all corporate sites.
  • The screen now has a next and previous button where you can page through the results very quickly.
  • You can change the display of how many records to show on each page.

Another big enhancement to this screen is the "Download as CSV" this will extract your user information CSV file. This is all based on the results you get from your search. The file it creates will include all information as per your users.

Advanced Search options allows you to search for other search criteria for example:

  • By Region
  • By expiration date
  • By Back Office Code

This is just a few of them.



Ticket 1395: Hungarian Currency Symbol was incorrect

The currency symbol for Hungarian was incorrect within the documents, this is now corrected.

Ticket 3034: RGC Goals Tab Suggestions Link was showing raw programming Code

Because of the NEW Retirement Goal this link has been removed.

Ticket 3483: Orphaned Savings Records Were Not Possible to Remove

We have had issues where extra savings would show up and advisers would have to call in to have them removed. This is all fixed in version 5.9.

Ticket 3352: The Product Search engine had problems when Searching for Stocks

We have been having some issues when searching for Stocks, this is all fixed in this newest version.

Ticket 3609: Joint Account could not be owned by more than 2 owners

The issue with having a joint account with more than 2 owners is now corrected in this update.

Ticket 3945: Assets and Liabilities screen had an Error when trying to save an account with a beneficiary set to "Other"

When trying to change the beneficiary to something other than the default, it would generate an error. This is now fixed.