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The material in this video may differ somewhat from what you see on your site due to difference in version, jurisdiction, corporate content or access level. Regardless of these differences most of the core functions are consistent across all sites, so you'll be able to benefit by and large from what you learn in this video.

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This is a facility to store documents you have created for a client permanently. These may be the un-edited documents you create in the “Your Working Documents Window”, or may be fully edited document ready for presentation that you have already downloaded and stored on your computer.

Saving Documents from the “Your Working Documents” Screen

The process to save a document from the “Your Processed Documents” window to the Safety Deposit box is as follows:

  1. Highlight the document you wish to save to the Safety Deposit Box from the Your Processed Documents Window (IPS is highlighted here).
  2. On the “Save” line provide a unique name for your document. For example it might be IPS Smith Sept 27 2005.
  3. Click on the “Save” button.
  4. You’ll receive a message advising that your document has been “Successfully Added” to the Safety Deposit Box.
  5. You’ll now be able to retrieve this document from the Safety Deposit Box Screen.


Saving Edited Documents from Your Workstation

To save an edited document that you have already saved to your own computer, you must go into the Safety Deposit Box Screen, which is accessed, from the Home page. Once on this screen, you’ll do the following:

  1. Click on “Upload”
  2. That will open a window that contains a “Browse” button.
  3. Click on the Browse Button. This will open a Windows Explorer window where you can select your directory and file.
  4. Select your file and click on “Open”.
  5. This will bring you back to the screen where you saw the browse button above.
  6. You’ll fill in the “Save As” field with a unique file name and click on Upload.
  7. Your file will be saved to the Safety Deposit box.

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Retrieving Saved Documents from your Safety Deposit Box

You have the ability to search in the Safety Deposit box for a specific document type. There are all sorts of search criteria that you can choose from. You can search for a certain document type and you have the ability to search using a date range to further narrow the search. The default for the “From” date is exactly 1 year previous to the current date.


TIP: The checkbox “All Clients” allows you to search for all documents stored in the Safety Deposit box for all of your clients in the database where you have stored a document. If this checkbox is unchecked it will only search for the selected client you are currently on.

NEW Features in Version 6.7

Advisor Features

  • You now have a NEW "Title" column when saving documents to the Safety Deposit Box. This allows you to name your documents so they are easy to identify.
  • When in the safety deposit but not on a client, you have always had the ability to do a global search across all of your documents. In the past if you had two clients with similar names, it was difficult to find the right one. It's now easier, because we are now also displaying a "City" column. This may help you zero in on the correctd client more easily.
  • You now have the ability to change the description of any of the saved documents by using the edit pencil beside the description. No more having to delete a document and re-upload it just so you can fix a typo or change the description.


  • New Date Picker Calendar box for the date range - look for this new calendar date picker to start appearing throughout the product!
  • Upload feature has changed slightly to be more user friendly.
  • You have a NEW "Type" field where you can choose form a drop down the type of document you are saving. This will allow you to search for documents by type.


Administration Features

  • Brand new API to allow developers to query the Safety Deposit Box from their own websites as well as stream content straight from the safety deposit box to their client portal!
  • A custom implementation of the "Sharing Safety Deposit Box Items" feature that allows you to send the portal system a notification along with a subject and a message of which documents have been shared.
  • The ability to edit, add, remove and customize the document types used in the Safety Deposit Box.
  • Capability to assign default descriptions like Screen Says to uploaded items.
  • New feature to indicate which document types are allowed to be shared over the PlanPlus Safety Deposit Box API
  • New events added to the Event Log Browser to track in the logs various Safety Deposit box features.