Should investors choose funds from focused families?

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  • Conrad S. Ciccotello
  • James A. Miles
  • Lori S. Walsh

Published 2006, "Should investors choose funds from focused families?", Financial Services Review, 2006- pp. 247-264 Volume 15


  • The purpose of this study is to ascertain the extent to which certain of the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards the Board prescribed topics are covered in for-credit introductory Personal Financial Planning courses delivered by AACSB accredited business schools. Time value of money, financial planning process, personal financial statements, and mutual funds receive the most emphasis. While many prescribed topics receive significant course time, little coverage is given to many others, such as forms of business organizations and financial services industry regulations. The authors conclude that there is a disparity between the Personal Financial Planning course in the CFP Board Model Financial Planning curriculum and what is taught at surveyed schools. © 2006 Academy of Financial Services. All rights reserved.