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The following is a list of the Student Workbooks that are available in Planipedia and for use with Planit Community Edition sponsored by PlanPlus, PlanPlus for Students or the professional level upgrades. Each workbook is constructed from case studies and exercises that may have been localized for a specific country. At this time exercises have been localized for:

  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia Islamic Planning
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

Additional countries can be localized in the Workbook at any time.

The Workbooks have been structured to correspond to the organization of many of the educational programs provided in Financial Planning educational programs. The Answer Key to the exercises is maintain separately and available to teachers, trainers or facilitators. It may also be made available on request to other users.

  1. Planit:Financial Management Workbook
  2. Planit:Asset Management Workbook
  3. Planit:Retirement Planning Workbook
  4. Planit:Risk Management Workbook
  5. Planit:Tax Planning Workbook
  6. Planit:Estate Planning Workbook
  7. Planit:Capstone Workbook

We have also been giving some thought to approaches to Competency Based Assessment. Again the trend worldwide at this time is towards evaluations of students to determine that they not only have gained some knowledge of Financial Planning but the competency to provide advice in the real world.