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Meeting of Nov 10th, 2010 - 3:00 PM EDT

Attending were Geoff Davies, Paul Resnik, Shawn Brayman, Elaine Hartjes and Larry Bowen

  • Welcomed Paul Resnik to this group. Paul will be representing Finametrica moving forward as Geoff Davies has "passed the torch" over to Paul on this initiative.
  • Paul is going to continue to follow-up with FPA Australia on sponsorship
  • Paul will be looking for assistance with a library background (Geoff provided a couple of ideas in this area).
  • Shawn shared the findings of the FPSC research project. In terms of research papers, the following are the top 5: US, UK, Netherlands, Canada and Australia
  • Elaine will be working through the details of refreshing the Planipedia site
  • There are pending Dutch translations on the 'pedia. PlanPlus is working through a strategic partnership for this region.
  • Zoltan Luttenberger from Hungary has come pending content for both Hungary and Russia to post
  • PlanPlan is working through contacts for new contacts with Germany
  • PlanPlus and Finametrica to put together a co-marketing document to contact 550+ educational institutions that were identified from the FPSC research project. Elaine with work with Paul on this one.

  • Shawn mentioned that new sponsor NAPFA may run an article on Planipedia in their publication in the next few weeks.
  • Elaine to determine the scheduling of the next call.
  • Larry to follow-up on whether Planipedia content can be displayed on third party sites.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting of Aug 4th, 2010 - 7:00 AM EDT

Attending were Nicki Potts, and Larry Bowen. Devang contacted Larry after the call was officially closed.

  • Devang mentioned that Regina from Germany is reaching out to the CFP body in Germany, on behalf of Planipedia. More details to follow as it arises.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting of June 9th, 2010 - 11:00 PM EDT

Attending were Nicki Potts, Geoff Davey, Larry Bowen, Tang Wee Hen and Devang Shah

  • Malaysia FPA – Weehen will approach the CEO again tomorrow. They are hesitant to join as they see it as a PlanPlus promotion rather than an online community.
  • Larry announced a new sponsor – the Bulgarian FPA “IDFK”.
  • Geoff noted that we do not have a specific page on “Financial Planning”. Larry will follow this up.
  • Devang is still working on getting financial planning associations in Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany and Austria as sponsors. Geoff will introduce FinaMetrica’s business partner in Germany to Devang.
  • Open discussion on how we can approach the FPA international community (Geoff and Weehen are members of).

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting of April 14, 2010 - 3:00 PM EDT

Attending were Shawn Brayman and Larry Bowen (chair).

Regrets from John Page.

  • Shawn and Larry discussed the exciting new contract with FPSC. This is an exciting new research opportunity for PlanPlus. This will generate several hundred of additional pages to be added to the Planipedia.
  • Shawn and Larry discussed:

1. Frequency of the calls 2. Alternative communication ways to communicate rather than SKYPE. 3. Follow-up action item from previous call (assigning topics)

  • Additional details to follow.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting of March 31, 2010 - 7:00 AM EDT

Attending were Nicki Potts, Lynne Myles, John Page, Larry Bowen (chair).

Regrets from Devang Shah and Shawn Brayman.

  • Nikki indicated that Geoff Davey will continue to follow-up with Victor Ricciardi.
  • Open Discussion around how to add more content into the Planipedia and have more user contribute. Everyone agreed that the Planipedia is a great tool; however, we've all been hesitant to enter content as we need a bit more direction.

Suggested course of action: 1. Each participate to submit a list of 3 topics that they can enter into the Planipedia in the next 2-3 weeks. Eg. Nikki can use some content from the Finametrica newsletter. John can create a summary from this coaching experience. Etc., etc. 2. Send topic suggestions to Larry. Larry will sent out reminders about the topics and the deadline.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting of March 17, 2010 - 11:00 PM EST

Attending were Nicki Potts, Larry Bowen, and Tang Wee Hen

  • Wee Hen Tang advised that she has given up on getting the Malaysian FPA involved. She is now focusing on Malaysian banks instead.
  • Geoff Davey is not ready to contact FPA Australia, he has a few other matters to discuss with them as well and will do it all in one go.
  • Geoff Davey has approached Victor Ricciardi, a high profile behavioural finance researcher, to contribute.

Meeting of March 3, 2010 - 3:00 PM EST

Attending were Shawn Brayman, Larry Bowen, Larry Colero, Geoff Davey, Elaine Hartjes and John Page

Regrets from Laura Brooke and Devang Shah

  • Discussion on analytics. Approx. 1500 people have utilized Planipedia since January and 2400 since launch. Canada is driving utilization, with the USA picking up. There have been visitors from 40 different countries over the past few months. 50% have been as a result of direct traffic, 25% from referring sites, and 25% from search engines.
  • A key objective for Founding Supporters is to have them post the supporter logo and link on their websites. As the committment for Founding Supporters draws to a close on March 31, supporters will have until the end of this month to post the information on their sites. Elaine will follow up with supporters.
  • NAPFA and FPA Australila still require followup regarding their committment. Geoff Davey will follow up with FPA Australia. Geoff has several contacts to follow up with but wants to reaquaint himself Devang will follow up with groups in India.
  • The IAFP will post the supporter link and logo on one of their webpages temporarily. Time committment from someone at IAFP is required in order to delve into the content thoroughly. The IAFP will put out a call to volunteers and gauge the response before endorsing and committing to posting the supporter logo and link on the IAFP homepage.
  • It was suggested that Planipedia become a reference point for information (good valuable generic content) from each Supporting Company. Shawn directed everyone to the FPA Cross-Border Planning information, now posted in Planipedia.
  • Discussion on cross-refeencing information with Investipedia and Wikipedia. We'd like to cross-reference wherever possible, relevant content. Shawn asked Larry Bowen to follow up with Jordan regarding the possibility of mirroring content from one pedia to another.
  • Suggestions regarding Planipedia momentum were discussed. The featured article will be updated monthly. The information for the next article will be provided by Geoff Davey. One section of the Best Practices content will be highlighted each month in order to give people a splash of high level information.

Meeting of February 17th, 2010 - 7:00 AM EST

Attending were Devang Shah, Lynne Myles, John Page and Shawn Brayman

  • Discussed the fact that we still have not gotten confirmation for FPA Australia on their support. Shawn Brayman is to forward to Devang Shah correspondence with FPA Australia so that Devang can follow up with them.
  • We confirmed that the FPA has posted their Cross Border content as was documented in our meeting of January 20th.
  • Shawn mentioned that our Founding Sponsor time frame ends the end of March and thus we must confirm with any remaining potential sponsors if they are going to proceed. Specifically Brazil was mentioned
  • At the present time it appears that only two of our founding sponsors have the “Proud supporter of Planipedia” link on their web sites. Namely “Right Returns” and “Finametrica”. Shawn mentioned that several organizations, such as CIFPS are holding off putting the link on their site until their conference where they plan to promote the site. We agreed that it would be appropriate for contact to be made with all of the founding sponsors asking for confirmation on their willingness to include the link on their sites. Lynne and Elaine will prepare a list of sponsors and assign several to Devang, Shawn, Lynne to follow up with.
  • Shawn brought to our attention that the cross border content for various countries has a reference to Brazil and a video link that needs to be removed or updated with the appropriate link for that country. Elaine will be asked to make these edits to the site.
  • We agreed that we need to keep encouraging more contributor traffic. The new content on the site is coming in slowly. Shawn indicated that he knew that FPSC and CIFPS in Canada have both set up committees to start contributing. We need to continue to encourage this.

Meeting of February 2nd & 3rd, 2010 - 11:00 PM EST

Attending were Geoff Davies (Feb 3), Devang Shah (Feb 2) and Larry Bowen (Feb 2 & Feb 3)

  • Need to follow-up with FPA Australia on their support.
  • Need to follow-up on sponsors to confirm that they have posted the "proud supporter of Planipedia" on their web site.
  • Follow-up item from last months minutes is for PlanPlus to circulate the Google Analytics.

Meeting of January 20th, 2010 - 3:00 PM EST

Attending were Larry Bowen, Shawn Brayman, Elaine Hartjes, Kelly Lorimer, Lynne Myles, Tamara Smith

  • Geoff Davey and Devang Shah sent regrets
  • It was agreed we need to encourage supporters to attend meetings. Lynne suggested we send a reminder notice out 15 minutes prior to meeting times. Shawn suggested we look into
  • We will continue to pursue additional supporters
  • The FPA has come on board and agrees to share their cross-border information which will be posted to Planipedia this week.
  • Elaine will gather Planipedia referral site information from Google Analytics, then will send reminders for Supporters to post Planipedia's logo on their websites.
  • Tamara advised that the FPSC marketing group will meet with their content specialists to decide which content is best to post in Planipedia. They are hoping to meet within the next 2 weeks. The intent is to hold monthly meetings which will automatically include discussions on Planipedia.
  • Jordan and/or Elaine will arrange a quick training session with Tamara and Kelly
  • Shawn showed everyone a sample of a supporter attribution and suggested Tamara login to the FPSC page, provide updates, etc. and then proceed from there.
  • Shawn provided the group with an update on Supporters. Shawn met with the IFPHK and the India Financial Planning Association.

Meeting of January 6th, 2010 - 7:00AM EST

Attending were Shawn Brayman, John Page, Nicki Potts.

  • Wee Hen and Devang sent regrets - we are still having issues getting the time zones and dates straight.
  • Apologies were made for the confusion on the timing of the December call. In the future FinaMetrica will host the Skype call when it lands at 3pm Sydney time, and hopefully Wee Hen or Devang will host when it is 5:30pm in Mumbai.
  • It was agreed to extend the timeframe for the "Founding Supporters" recognition for another 60 to 90 days to try and finalize discussions with NAPFA, FPA US, FPA Australia and others.
  • Shawn will approach FPSB to see about a general support and communication to sister orgs.
  • General discussion about continued efforts to get supporters to put the Planipedia link on their sites. We are starting to see traffic from several sites and the FFP in the Netherlands requested the logo in Dutch.
  • Wee Hen observed (email) that content is important and perhaps we want to suggest certain topics and get sponsor to commit to contribute. At least give some guidelines.
  • Observations were made about new translations into Chinese.

Meeting of November 12th, 2009

Attending were Shawn Brayman, Elaine Hartjes, Larry Bowen, John Page.

  • Because of the shift on November 1st in Canada, time zone conflict with Asia was more pronounced so the 8am meeting was midnight in Sydney. A new rotating schedule that promotes timezone equality was proposed by Shawn and will be implemented effective the November 26th meeting.
  • No change in approaching new supporters or looking for contributions.
  • A discussion ensued about changes made by someone who had not logged into the system so determining validity was not possible. It was agreed that the site would be changed to allow anyone logged in to edit pages. People not logged in can view but not make changes. The consensus was people willing to contribute should be willing to tell us who they are.
  • Observations were made about unsolicited translations into Italian and Dutch.

Meeting of October 28th, 2009

Attending Shawn Brayman, Devang Shah, Nicki Potts, Tang Wee Hen, Larry Bowen, Lynne Myles.

  • Discussion was held post-launch at the FPA on approaching additional sponsors. Shawn and Devang listed several groups they would follow up with.
  • A discussion was held about the pending challenges with time zone differences after Canada goes back to standard time from daylight savings. Shawn indicated he would try and propose a rotating schedule.
  • Shawn made a request for all supporters to start putting the "Proud Supporter" logo on their web sites and to add in content to the site.
  • Observations were made about the new improved "Main Page".