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PlanPlus is pleased to announce the release of version 6.9. Below is an overview of the many new features and enhancements that can be found in this release.


The Export Lists feature has been completely replaced by a set of new extract capabilities servicing customers that wish to do business intelligence on their client data. These extracts are still comma separate list files that can easily be imported into databases or Microsoft Excel documents. Each extract can be configured so that you can customize the extract to suit your business needs. Some of the data you can extract:

  1. All the same fields from the Export Lists
  2. Financial summary information
  3. Account type balances
  4. Document generation events
  5. Event log entries
  6. Savings patterns

In addition to robust screens for extracting this data, PlanPlus is also providing full API access to run pre-configured extracts so that firms that have a development group can programmatically interact with downloading the extract data.


Each client select event is now tracked discretely in the Event Log Browser. Now an admin can search and determine the users that accessed a client.


Table based USA Social Security is now activated for use by USA planning jurisdiction customers.