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PlanPlus Planit.jpg PlanPlus Planit User Guide Table of Contents

Loginprocess2.jpg Length: 4min 32 sec

The Your Working Documents link will take you to the screen where you’ll choose the document you wish to process for your client. You will have access to many documents, which are available in the system. Depending what data entry level you are set at will determine what documents you will see here. A document is generally opened with Microsoft Word however a few may open in Excel or in PDF format. You’ll note that the documents are broken down by category.


Generating Documents

To generate any one of the documents that is available to your deployment, you would click on the category of the document which will expand down showing you the available documents. You then would select the document by using the radio button beside the document you wish to run and then hit the “Generate Document” button.


  • After you hit “Generate Document” button you will see a progress bar appear, with this progress bar you can see the status of the document you requested as it is being processed for you.
  • When your document is finished the screen will automatically refresh and show your document in the "Your Working Documents" window so you can download it.
  • You do not have to stay on this screen waiting for the document to be completed. You can go to another screen or even work on another client.
  • When you come back to this screen, it will display any documents that were previously processed and that are ready for download.
  • You’ll click on the document to be downloaded (if there are more than one) and then click on “Download”.
  • This will launch a download process and open the document using Microsoft Word on your own workstation.
  • Once you have downloaded the document, you may edit it as required and save the document on your own workstation’s local hard drive, on a network drive, or even up-load the edited document to the Safety Deposit Box of the PlanPlus Planit.
  • At any given time only one document of each type will be retained in the “Your Processed Documents” window.
  • If you have previously generated a Client Assessment and do another, the one that was previously generated will be deleted and replaced with the new document.
  • Should you wish to retain a previously generated document, you would either download it and save it to your local workstation, or alternatively you can save the previous document to the Safety Deposit Box.

TIP: Depending on the Client Data Entry Level will determine what documents will be in the list.

Select The Content you Want in your Document

Another powerful new feature is the ability to customize your document BEFORE you process it! When you request many of our larger documents, you will now be given the opportunity to pick and choose which pages will be included. Here’s an example of the options you are presented with when selecting an Investment Policy Statement. You’ll also notice a “Save” button is available. This allows you to select the pages you want and IF you want all future IPS documents to use this set of defaults, merely click on “Save” and that is what will be your personal default. You always have the option on any given client to change the selection to customize the document for each client.

This new feature is only available on the following documents, however more will be added in future releases:

Preparing Reports - Investment Management

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Executive Summary Investment Policy Statement

Executive Summary Investment Policy Statement

  • Executive Summary


Email Notification

This NEW feature allows advisors to notify others when a document has been generated and is ready for review by this party.

Within the “Your Working Documents” screen there is a button which to send an email notification to other parties when a document is ready for review. Your site administrator will need to have this set up for your regions or branch. The box will not appear when there are no email addresses set up for the region and branch of the logged in advisor.

Please note that you will only see these buttons if it is set up on your site.

Here’s an overview of the purpose for each category:

Qualifying and Engagement:

When you select “Qualifying and Engagement” you’ll have the option of producing either an Engagement Letter that incorporates client fees, or an Engagement Letter that is designed for use in no fee situations. Both of these engagement letters are created in your Word Processing software so that you may edit and customize them for each individual client as necessary.


One important aspect of the planning process is the collections of facts. The Discovering section is where you can find a Personal Questionnaire in either a detailed or summary data entry level for both the Investment Management and the Life Planning documents.

Preparing Reports – Investment Management:

Loginprocess2.jpg Length: 4min 53 sec

This is where any documents relating to investment management would be generated. This would include the Investment Policy Statement. A new report added is the Asset Allocation Comparison Report

Preparing Reports – Life Planning:

This is where you can find any planning documents that relate to financial planning or retirement planning. This would include the Client Assessment or the Personal Financial Strategy. This is also where you can find the new Integrated Planning Document Preparing Reports – Life Planning Audit Options The Life Planning Audit Options are a collection of long-term forecast calculations, which open up in an Excel spreadsheet. These provide you with details relative to all calculations used in the life goals scenarios that part of the various planning documents. A series of new reports called Life Goals Summary Reports have been added in the Life Planning Audit area. These Word documents provide a high level overview of the results from any life goals analysis from the Current Situation Analysis, Modeled Strategy, Needs on Death or Disability. These can allow you to look at the results of any analysis without having to generate a complete Personal Financial Strategy document.


The Implementation provides you with a series of client information pieces that are helpful in educating your clients on many financial planning subjects. These CIS are powerful tools in motivating your clients to take action on your recommendations. Here’s a list of the CIS that are currently available:

Financial Planning Investment Management Estate Planning Risk Management Administration
CIS - Strategic Financial Management CIS - Principles of Investment Management CIS - Principles of Estate Planning CIS - Types of Life Insurance Report Cover Letter
CIS - Strategic Decision Making CIS - The Power of Diversification CIS - Issues When Drafting a Will CIS - Types of Disability Insurance Invoice & Cover Letter
CIS - Principles of Cash Management CIS - Executor Duties CIS - Life Insurance FAQ's
CIS - Will Planner CIS - Principles of Risk Management

Building Loyalty & Referrals

The documents found under the Building Loyalty & Referrals are Quality Assurance questionnaires.

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