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Appropriate Content

What kind of content do we want to put on the Main Page? Should rules/policies be put here?

Mission Statement, Vision outlining larger goals, basic rules

Kira put together a list of major items that needed to be done to Planipedia to get it going full blast.

You'll notice that some of these items are one-time start-up tasks and that other are more ongoing tasks directed to the public and not necessarily PlanPlus. I figured you would be the best to sort through them and assign people to them temporarily or permanently. I have already spoken with Elaine about managing the Main Page and Community Portal and she seems to have a good handle on it. Jordan would be the obvious person for extensions.

Its important that someone look at the Other Pages section for legal purposes, although it likely won't need much ongoing maintenance.

The Special Pages, Patrolling/Reviewing Edits and User Rights Management will largely be ongoing moderation once Planipedia opens to the public.