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Larry Bowen joined PlanPlus Inc. as Vice President of Operations on April 14th, 2008.

Larry previously worked for Camilion Solutions Inc. as the Senior Project Manager/Program Manager. Camilion is a software vendor specializing in Product Development and Policy Administration Solutions for insurance carriers. Larry's role was to oversee development, testing and delivery of their software solutions.

The majority of Larry’s career was at EDS, where his last position was Regional Operations Manager for Canada, which included managing a Project Management Office, managing large and complex implementations, business development, data centre management, call centre management and problem and change management.

With PlanPlus' continued growth and success in the Canadian and international marketplace over the past couple of years, it was necessary to bolster the senior management team to more efficiently balance new product development, current customer needs and new account implementations. Larry was an ideal fit with his superb project management skills and his operational experience with clients and data centers.”